Too heavy, too long, too high or oversized? No problem for NIKA Logistics. Demand for special transports is increasing again after the Covid pause and NIKA is here. We try to maximally satisfy our customers and buy our new special technique based on specific requirements. See our current fleets of special technique. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Let us know and together we will find a solution.


Tridem set

DAF 8×2 FAQ Tridem in blue is an established special truck. Its 2nd and 4th lifted and controlled axes ensuring an excellent vehicle manoeuvrability are its interesting feature. When combined with controlled fixed towing axle it offers a sufficient potential to transport up to 34 tons of heavy loads on unpaved roads. A robust chassis with internal reinforcements is also adapted to them.

    • For example, it suits when are transported construction materials for large building sites. It finds its application also in quarries, sand pits and other extreme conditions.


Truck and trailer with hydraulic arm

These trucks with hydraulic arm find always its use when is transported goods on pallets out of storages, mostly it means construction materials, for example roofing tiles and bricks. Our customers appreciate the option with remote control with which all these trucks used in NIKA Logistics fleet are equipped.

    • It will come in handy if you need to transport and accurately stack goods on pallets. You can use a loading area of up 2,5 x 7,5 meters with 24 tons capacity. The hydraulic arm can unload 1500 kg with 10 meters extension.


Semi-trailer 13,6 m, decomposable

In a moment you can change this special semi-trailer from 14 meters length to a “cabriolet”. Besides the roof, also its sides can be unfolded and thus the loading surface becomes maximally accessible for loading from side as well as from top with a crane. This makes it possible to transport wider goods that would not pass through the tailgate. When covered, it becomes a standard dry transport set so you can transport sensitive loads, machines and concrete prefabs. 

    • It will come in handy when transporting wide goods, when loading with a crane is necessary or when a dry transport is requested. The semi-trailer can be used under standard mode so its use is usually cheaper than when a platform is used for the transport.


3 axes platform

The three-axes platform can manage to transport loads of heavier weight than a standard double-axes version. The Czech legislation allows for three-axes vehicles a total set weight up to 48 tons. NIKA Logistics fleets consist of 5 pieces of three-axes platforms, each able to transport the load up to 34,5 tons with dimensions 3,5 x 4,5 x 20 meter.

    • You will appreciate the three-axes platform when are transported large and heavy loads, for example concrete prefabs, bridge structures or poles



The fleet also consist of extendable semi-trailers from Luxembourg brand Faymonville. The loading surface has its basic length from 13,6 with extendable option by 15,8 meters. They are designed to transport oversized loads up to a length of 29,4 meters. The semi-trailer capacity corresponds to it, reaching more than 33,5 tons thanks to three axes.

    • Interesting thing: All axes are air-suspended with forced hydraulic control which allows an unexpected handling of the vehicles with regard to the length.



In 2020 the NIKA fleet was completed with a special semi-trailer for oversized loads transport all over the Europe. Thanks to its loading surface over 13 square meters it suits for transport metallurgic materials, steel, concrete and wooden structure elements or oversized machinery and devices. The capacity of 24 tons (22,5 tons abroad) corresponds to it. Its usable height represents its greatest advantage enabling the transport of loads with height up to 4,2 meters (3,7 m abroad).

    • If you meet it on the road, it’s hard to miss. The Innenlader simply attracts attention wherever it goes. Its strong hydraulic holders fix the load and enable a safe unstable structure transport.

Přemysl Podnecký
Transport Operations Manager

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