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Company introduction

We are a Czech transport and logistics company with many years of experience in domestic and international transport and forwarding. Our portfolio of services includes warehousing and logistics, earthworks and bulk transport. We provide the best services and solutions to our customers.
We are a partner who always complies with the agreed conditions, with constatnt quality and reliability that will support you and the success of your business.

Years experience
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Company history



Reconstruction of the complex in Hrochův Týnec.


Pardubice Logistics Centre

We begin to operate a logistics centre in Pardubice Černá za Bory.


Acquisition by Šmídl Holding

Thanks to this acquisition we are part of Šmídl logistics company which has over 500 vehicles and over 800 employees.


Liberec Logistics Centre

We open a new logistics centre in Liberec. We have over 220 vehicles in our fleet.


Service quality guarantee

We have extend our certification to include GMP+ for the transport of food and feed products.


Branches in Tovačov and Liberec

We have over 200 vehicles in our fleet and we open new branches in Tovačov and Liberec.


Rekonstrukce administrativní budovy v Hrochově Týnci

We have over 160 vehicles, 20 construction and mining machines in our fleet and we employ over 200 employees. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.


Acquisition of ČSAD Pardubice

We build a new branch in Vrdy. We have over 100 vehicles in our fleet.


The headquarters is Hrochův Týnec

We move and we expand our fleet to 45 vehicles.


Takeover of the CSG Group

We have 10 vehicles in our fleet.



Company establish.

About the Šmídl holding

We have been a part of Šmídl Holding since September 2017, who has been operating on the Czech market in the field of transport and the provision of comprehensive logistics services for almost 30 years. How did it all begin?

The company was founded in 1990 by Vladimír Šmídl. Originally a family business, the company has since grown into a holding company with more than ten branches throughout the Czech Republic. One of the important milestones in the history of Šmídl is the year 1992, when the company began operating international truck transport. In 1999, it opened a truck centre in Žamberk and within ten years later a logistics centre in Vysoké Mýto. In 2009, the company won an award in the European Truck Carrier of the Year competition in Amsterdam. In 2010, the company had 200 vehicles at its disposal and from a small family business it had grown into a company with 315 employees. A year later, it opened a new branch in Brno. In 2015 Šmídl’s company was celebrated 25 years in the transport market.

NIKA has been operating in the transport field for over 20 years and has over 250 vehicles of various types and classes in its fleet. In addition, the activities portfolio has been complemented by rail, sea and air transport.

NIKA was founded in 1997 in Nové Holešovice including vehicle service. Two years later, the company was sold to a new owner and became part of the CSG industrial holding with its headquarters in Hrochov Týnec. At that time, the company expanded its fleet from 10 vehicles to 45. In 2005, the company acquired ČSAD Pardubice and built a new branch in Vrdy. The number of vehicles doubled. Three years later, the company had more than 200 employees and soon after opened new branches in Tovačov and Liberec.

In 2012, NIKA began mining and selling sand, in the following years they began to operate logistics centres in Pardubice and Liberec and obtained certification for the transport of food and feed. September 7th, 2017, is an important milestone for both companies, this is when NIKA Logistics became a part of Šmídl Transport and Logistics Holding.

hanks to the merger of a two largest logistics companies in Eastern Bohemia, we now have more than 530 vehicles at our disposal. Therefore, becoming the largest Czech carrier on the market with 11 branches throughout Czech Republic and more than 800 employees. We believe that together we will grow even further. At present, Šmídl holding offers a wide portfolio of services throughout Europe in the fields of international transport, domestic, oversized and ADR transport, comprehensive logistics services and air, sea and rail transport. All this is complemented by the transport of bulk materials and express, special and multimodal transport.



Board Member
Executive Director

„If you make a mistake and don’t fix it,
it, that’s called a mistake.”


Vice Chairman
Sales and HR Director

Vice Chairman
Sales and HR Director


Chairman of the board

“Don’t say it is impossible. Say it hasn’t been done yet.”

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